Who we are

We are a group of academics at The University of Manchester (UoM) who believe that our governance structures and practices urgently need reappraisal as they are no longer fit for purpose.

We started as a group of 240 Professors who signed a letter opposing the M2020 Projects.


Through this process we realised that the top-down pursuit of narrow targets in the M2020 projects and a failure to engage meaningfully with staff is symptomatic of the limited accountability of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). We have now extended our campaign to all academic staff at the University.

We want to encourage dialogue between management and the wider university community through invigorating the moribund School Boards and reasserting the role of Senate as the representative governing body for academic staff.

A campaign by academic staff to improve governance, encourage dialogue with management and reassert the role of Senate as the primary academic authority of the University